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Keystone Private Family Office

Keystone Private Family Office

Independent, and unbiased guidance and support.


Keystone Private is a leading Australian
Multi-Family Office


Knowledge, Experience and Understanding

Family continuity and wealth transition can be extremely complex, demanding and at times, highly emotive.

At Keystone Private our approach is tailored to the unique challenges of each family, their aspirations, assets and established relationships.

Our core purpose is to assist families to protect values, heritage and transition wealth across generations.

With extensive experience across all levels of the high net wealth landscape, we are well placed to assist with your family continuity needs, from simple questions to the most complicated family situations.

When is a Multi-family Office needed?

  • Time management of private wealth is distracting or overwhelming
  • Desire to separate management and reporting of private wealth from business structures
  • Non-business assets require professional advisory and professional management
  • Liquidity event is experienced such as sale of a business or an inheritance
  • Multi-generational family requiring succession and estate planning
  • Single Family Office needing additional expertise or resources
  • Assistance required in establishing and resourcing a dedicated single family office

“Having an independent trusted advisor is the first step in establishing a true Family Office. A non-judgemental sounding board, a facilitator to open conversations and offer professional reasoned opinions and advice.”


The Keystone Private team work closely with families to demystify the process and develop a clear picture based on what it is that a family wishes to achieve.

We have the ability to remove much of the stress and emotional burden that can come with dealing with an immediate crisis or planning for the long-term future.

Our family continuity services include:

  • Generational transition
  • Estate planning and management
  • Education programs – both structured and unstructured
  • Executorial and trustee services
  • Philanthropic programs
  • Conflict resolution
  • Family forums
  • Independent member of family boards or advisory panels
  • Divorce management

Your confidentiality is assured and peace of mind provided that all family matters are treated respectfully.

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