Factors to consider in deciding whether you need the services of a multi-family office.

At Keystone Private Family Office our client relationships are driven by mutual respect, independence, transparency and integrity.

We are keenly aware that business interests allied with family continuity and wealth transition can be extremely complex, demanding at times, and highly emotive.

Our strategic oversight of this specialist area requires a deep appreciation for the values of relationships as every decision will impact loved ones and potentially affect family dynamics long into the future.

Factors to consider in deciding whether you need the services of a multi-family office. 

It is common for clients to want (or need) to separate their personal business and investment interests from their core business activity.

Whilst we can and do act in both capacities, at Keystone Private, we strongly encourage this separation as it has a number of distinct advantages including:

  • Allowing the core business team to concentrate on the business without the distraction of personal and family requirements
  • Providing a better framework for confidentiality around personal and family matters
  • Access to a skillset that may not be available within the core business team
  • Creating an independence framework around the need for business capital vs the desire to build up wealth outside the business
  • Allowing for smoother transition upon sale or transition of the core business
  • Ensuring that personal accounting, reporting and administration is not ‘left behind’

 There is, of course, a need to ensure that the advisors looking after the personal interests have an open and transparent relationship with the business team. There will often be a crossover between the two teams, and it is important to ensure minimal if any duplication of effort or cost occurs.

A number of other drivers can crystalize the use of a family office however the above is often that first inflection point where such considerations are raised.

If implemented well, the use of a family office can ensure that the evolution from wealth creation to wealth management and generational transition is achieved smoothly in a planned, pro-active and cost-efficient manner.

Full-service accounting, taxation and advisory services tailored to your needs.

The 2020 financial year has been different from any other.  Whilst businesses and employees have been slowed down and even halted over the past months, tax obligations remain.

Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have been tremendous in their respective efforts to create and administer a number of stimulus packages.  The Job keeper program and cash flow boost have allowed cash flow to be managed through this difficult time.  The ATO has also been accommodating with requests for deferral of tax payments.  The Keystone team has been working with our clients to ensure compliance obligations are met to access the relevant stimulus payments.

The economic impacts from business closures will continue through to 2021 and beyond. Cash flow management will continue to be paramount for success.  Appropriate tax planning through this period will assist in successful cash flow management.

Given the budget constraints, we expect that Treasury and the ATO will be looking at tax gaps.  The Top 500 private groups tax performance program, which is part of the Tax Avoidance Taskforce, aims to ensure that large private groups and high net wealth individuals are paying the appropriate amount of tax. 

Business owners in this target group should ensure they understand their tax risk management processes and are aware of potential focus areas of the ATO.

We are seeing calls from many quarters regarding significant tax reform to pay for what will now be a long-term budget deficit.  Whilst reforms such as a higher rate and broader base of GST, a re-think of property taxes away from stamp duties, and changes to income tax rates are all welcome ideas, in theory, the tight political reality may make such reform difficult, if not impossible in the near term.

Our key tax focus points for businesses over the coming months are:

  • Prepare cash flow projections for all taxes (e.g. income tax, GST, PAYG)
  • Review shareholder loans and manage required repayments (Division 7A)
  • Understand your risk areas in the event of ATO enquiry
  • Monitor your eligibility to enter the job keeper program (if not yet qualified)

The tax team at Keystone Private Advisory have enjoyed the first year of operation and are looking forward to assisting many more clients throughout the 2021 year and beyond.

Truly independent wealth services – July 2020 News

Keystone Private Wealth has been providing independent wealth management services to our family office and broader client base since incorporating in 2008. In recent years this included successful funds under management business with a dedicated investment team.

To maintain the fiercely independent approach expected of us by our clients, a decision was made to separate the funds under management function from Keystone Private Wealth and the broader Keystone Private group. This was finalised on 1st June 2020. Keystone Private Wealth will continue to provide its expert and truly independent wealth management services, including:

  • Development of wealth management framework
  • Capital allocation
  • Asset allocation
  • Manager selection
  • Fee negotiation
  • Reporting and administration
  • Investment due diligence
  • Investment committees and advisory board representation

The above wealth management process can be developed via a blank canvas approach or by building around an existing advisor and manager framework

K2 Private Property announce a NABERS Energy 6 stars rating for 55 Russell Street

K2 Private Property is an independent, specialist commercial real estate agency with an exceptional reputation for delivering outstanding results for clients.

We bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and professional acumen to every commercial and industrial property project.

We provide independent experience with integrity and honesty.

The K2 Private Property team are excited to announce Queensland’s first existing building to achieve a 6 Star NABERS ENERGY Rating – 55 Russell Street

This is the first time in Queensland an existing building has achieved this rating. The 6 Star rating is the highest available by the rating agency.

55 Russell Street, South Brisbane was awarded 6 Star Nabers rating following a 3-month upgrade program focusing on sustainability.

There are only 6 buildings in QLD that have this rating for the ‘whole of building’.

These include landmark new developments such as;’

111 Eagle St, CBD

123 Eagle St, CBD

1 William St, CBD

100 Skyring Terrace, Newstead

2 King St, Bowen Hill

The measures taken by K2 Private Property that has led to the 6-star rating include: –

  • Constant monitoring of AC temperatures to maximise the efficiency of the AC plant.
  • Constant electricity readings for both tenant and common areas which allowed us to provide a base building rating.
  • Clear identification of the tenant’s spaces to allow us to accurately calculate 24/7 operational spaces.
  • Removal and replacement of all 24/7 lighting in the fire stairs with LED lighting that includes microwave sensors to dim lights based on activity.
  • Removal and replacement of all car park lighting with LED lighting.
  • Installation of new sensors in the car park to allow lights to turn off when there is no activity.

The K2 Private Property team have been at the forefront of building upgrades over the last 10 years and most recently have completed upgrades for 333 Adelaide St, 420 George Street and now 55 Russell Street.

Keystone Private Cyber July 2020

Keystone Private Cyber is an information and cyber security practice within the Keystone Private group that supports the group with maintaining their cyber security posture and is available to provide these services to the Group’s clients. We are currently engaged in a variety of consultancies with Federal Government and commercial entities delivering services to identify and manage their business risk from the perspective of information and cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

The announcement by the PM, Scott Morrison on June 19th highlighted an escalation in cyber-attacks on Australian Government and business entities. The PM’s message is a timely reminder that the more connected we become collectively and individually the more we expose ourselves to possible threats. Essentially, the information and cyber security challenge has not changed; and though threats continue to evolve, and their numbers increase there are actions you can take to reduce your exposure.

Those actions will require you to understand; the threats that can manifest in the environment you work and live in, the technology you have chosen to support your business and life, that these intersecting aspects are continually evolving and therefore your visibility and management needs to be continuous to become and remain resilient in an ever-changing world.

Contact our team to understand our approach to building and developing resilient information and cyber security posture for your business and indeed, your family.


Keystone Private Foundation

The Foundation provides an innovative platform for business, employees, families and individuals to give with planned purpose.

Many people have a powerful sense of social responsibility and wish to leave an enduring legacy for those in need. It’s with this in mind that we developed the Keystone Private Foundation to provide a progressive and transparent platform for people wishing to give back and connect with worthwhile causes while making a powerful difference.

Our team is committed to delivering beyond the benchmarks in transparency, independence and governance in private philanthropy.

The Keystone Private Foundation draws from extensive experience as trusted advisors, providing services for our private multi-family office clients.

The benefits

Through Keystone Private Foundation, you will:

  • Create a legacy for the future
  • Support your charities of choice
  • Access a simple and tax-effective structure for your philanthropy
  • Grow your philanthropic capital allowing you to make a greater, lasting difference
  • Enjoy peace of mind that the management and care in maintaining and running the fund and donations are in trusted, independent and transparent hands
  • Provide a useful educational experience through a Sub Fund as part of a broader family continuity program

Keystone Private Foundation Launched….

The Keystone Private Foundation Public Ancillary Fund has been launched and can raise funds from the public.

Our General Fund

The core of the foundation is a General Fund where businesses, employees and individuals can make tax-deductible donations. Pooled resources create stronger investment power, therefore larger gifts to make a greater difference. The General Fund will distribute funds to charities that have the greatest need, or the gift will make a great contribution to fulfilling their purposes.

Individual Sub Fund

We provide the option of a personalised Sub Fund where donors can create a lasting individual legacy that will be held separately from the General Fund.

This provides a cheaper and more efficient way to deal with the compliance, governance and administration of a self-managed fund. It provides an educational experience as part of a broader family continuity program.


• Create a legacy for the future

• Support your charities of choice

• A simple and tax-effective structure for your philanthropy

• Grow your philanthropic capital – make a greater, lasting difference

• Peace of mind that the management of the fund and donations are in trusted, independent and transparent hands


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Lesa Jackson discusses Keystone Private’s proud relationship with Lady Musgrave Trust

Keystone Private have been regular supporters of The Lady Musgrave Trust, Queensland’s oldest charity supporting homeless women. Lesa Jackson discusses the relationship between Keystone Private and the Trust.


Lessons from Private Family Money Management

Joshua Derrington Keystone Private Wealth

You are not accountable to institutional asset consultants – your liquidity requirements are entirely yours alone, as are your liabilities and your underlying circle of competence.

Truly breaking it down, underlying inflation, your propensity to remain rational, your ability to appoint quality advisors while controlling your ego should be your biggest concerns – not your portfolio’s Beta or its Sharpe ratio.

Are you tactically asset allocated like the Future Fund? No.

Does it matter? Absolutely not.
You aren’t an institutional superfund – do it your way and work on what matters to you, and pick the right people to help you.
It’s a massive advantage, not a disadvantage.

1. Take your time and design a system that suits you.

It’s important to acknowledge there is no one right answer and that everyone’s timeline is different.

“He who holds the gold sets the rules.” Don’t feel any pressure to do anything and don’t be afraid to hold cash as a default.

The stock market could be going vertical right now, it could be plunging. What the market is doing is irrelevant. What your friends are doing is irrelevant.

2. Don’t get on the envy trolley. Your only competition is your ego and inflation, it is not the Future fund or your mate down the road.

Antifragility is the combination of aggressiveness plus paranoia — clip your downside, build competence and conviction, trust your asset allocation, protect yourself from extreme harm, and let the upside, the positive Black Swans, take care of itself.

Source: Nassim Taleb.

3. Identify what you’re good at and how you’re going to use it as a strength.

First, try to establish what you and the people who know you believe you have credibility in doing.

Outsource outside areas of competence and build a framework around you to assess your credibility and that of potential partners, using this to decide on how to divide your capital.

Credibility = proven competence + relationships + integrity

Source: Stanley McChrystal

If you don’t trust your outsourced partners to manage your money, sit in cash; if you do, give them the money and allow them the freedom to do their job within clear boundaries.

Control the controllable

  1. Asset Alocation
  2. Spending (Ego) vs. Saving







Source: J P Morgan

Celebrating 15 Years in business

Just a short note to say – THANK YOU.

Keystone Private is celebrating 15 years in business.

It has been an interesting and exciting journey.  We started with 1 client & 10 staff and have now grown to 40 staff servicing many clients across many diverse businesses.

I thank our professional staff for their support not only to me but all of our clients

Keystone Private has evolved from humble beginnings to now providing finance & accounting, wealth management, property, family continuity, cyber security & now capital raising capabilities.

Our business was built on the principle of transparency, integrity & most importantly, independence, and we believe these principles are still as important as ever.

Thanks to our clients, colleagues, industry participants for your support on the journey so far.

David Jackson

Founder and Managing Director

Feature Article

K2 Private in the News – Pacific Square snapped up for $20.9m in Marquette value play

Financial Review website - by Matthew Cranston

The below is from an article on the Financial Review website by Matthew Cranston dated 12 October 2016, at 4:55pm:

‘Marquette Properties has purchased the Pacific Square retail complex near AMP Capital’s massive Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast for $20.9 million.

The Pacific Square property, while serving as a strong income asset for its new owners, is also one of the largest development sites on the Gold Coast and could offer an ideal residential property play into the future.

The deal, which was brokered in an off market transaction through K2 Private’s Stuart Moody, represented a passing yield of 7.2 per cent.

The single level retail and office asset at Mermaid Beach has 7355 square metres of net lettable area on a site of 17,300 square metres with 240 carparks.

The asset is 100 per cent leased to tenants who have been at the centre for an average tenure of 10 years.

Tenants include the Queensland state government, Supercheap Auto and Snap Fitness.

Pacific Square is Marquette’s fourth retail acquisition in the last six months alongside the St Lucia Village in St Lucia, Brisbane, for $10.2 million, Festival Towers in Brisbane CBD for $22.7 million and Bushland Beach Plaza in Townsville for $5.5 million.

Marquette Properties’ managing director Toby Lewis said the new property would allow his team to add significant value in the future.

“As well as being a stable investment with a significant rental reversion, the asset has enormous future development upside,” Mr Lewis said.

“We believe the current day development value and replacement cost value exceed the investment value price we have acquired the asset for.

“The asset has excellent retail fundamentals and is consistent with our investment philosophy of buying assets that we can drastically change the value of and be a ‘pricemaker’ at exit.”

Mr Moody said the property, which is zoned for eight levels of residential, was a prized asset.

“We see it as an awesome investment because it’s one of the largest development plays on the Gold Coast,” he said.’

About K2 Private

K2 Private is a boutique commercial Real Estate Service provider focusing on the private owners in South East Queensland. We aim to bring a fully integrated Property Management, Accounting and Transaction Co Ordination service to the private families of Queensland. K2 Private is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keystone Private – Queensland’s leading Multi-Family Office.


For further details please contact :-

Stuart Moody

Director – Property

0421 323 051