Keystone Private – Queensland’s leading Multi Family Office

Knowledge with Understanding | Experience with Integrity

We wish to advise that the Keystone Private company has no relationship or affiliation in any way whatsoever with the Sydney based ‘The Keystone Group’.

The Keystone Group is a hospitality business from Sydney and has recently been placed in receivership.

Keystone Private, and its subsidiary service businesses, is Queensland’s leading multi-family office.

Established in 2004, as a Family Office with one high net worth client we have now grown to a multi-family office with over 35 valued family clients and more than 30 experienced dedicated staff.

The successful Keystone Private is recognised as a leader in its field of services.

Our integrated suite of services include:
Keystone Private Family Office
Keystone Private Accounting
Keystone Private Wealth
Keystone Cyber Security
K2 Private Property
K2 Medical Property

Our team of highly experienced industry professionals are committed to providing you with the right solutions and insights to best achieve your family, individual and company aspirations.

David Jackson

Managing Director

Keystone Private