Keystone Private in the news in the recent Lady Musgrave Trust newsletter

Keystone Private is very proud of its support and corporate sponsorship of The Lady Musgrave Trust. In its recent newsletter, The Lady Musgrave Trust made various comments, an extract of which is shown below:

“As a not-for-profit organisation, partnerships and supporters enable us to continue to provide accommodation and support services to young women in need. We are always looking for organisations with like-minded goals to work with. The Lady Musgrave Trust enjoys strong and mutually satisfying relationships with its expanding support base.

Working with the Trust is a rewarding experience for socially responsible organisations as they will be assisting us in our mission to shelter 200 young women and their children in 2016. Our major corporate sponsor, Keystone Private, have made a generous financial and in-kind donation towards The Lady Musgrave Trust.

Keystone Private is Queensland’s leading multi-family office. Established in 2004, their integrated suite of services include: family continuity, accounting and reporting, property services, financial asset services, cyber security, and ancillary services. To this end, Keystone Private provides the Trust with bookkeeping, financial management services, use of office facilities and other business support.

Keystone Private’s Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Lesa Jackson, said ‘Giving back to the local community is essential to the Keystone family and we are delighted to offer our support to The Lady Musgrave Trust. We applaud the Trust’s work in raising awareness about the consequences of domestic violence in Australia and their unwavering dedication to help women and children in need.’

We sat down and spoke with Lesa a little further about Keystone Private, corporate social responsibility and The Lady Musgrave Trust.

Why do you think Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of a business? CSR in our opinion is valuable as part of a business’ culture, in that it supports the spirit of good governance and ethical behaviour beyond the company’s legal requirements of being socially responsible in our business decision making. This supports a framework of community social well-being, which is important for our team, our clients and other stakeholders, to increase value in our mutual relationships.

What is Keystone Private’s approach to CSR?At Keystone Private, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our company ethos, our responsibility in making decisions that impact in social and environmental terms. We have developed a culture of fairness, understanding and opportunity within our business to give back to the community wherever possible. We assist our clients in managing their philanthropy and private charitable foundations. This encourages our team to be involved at multiple levels of CSR opportunities.

Why did you choose to partner with The Lady Musgrave Trust?We believe there is a real need for the services and housing The Lady Musgrave Trust provides within Brisbane, particularly in light of recent domestic violence cases that have been prevalent in the media in the last 18 months. It’s a local charity so we can see a direct impact on the local community, whilst trying to support causes that don’t necessarily have an easy story to tell. Homelessness is something no one likes to think about but is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed, as do the root causes.

Why do you feel homelessness is an important issue that needs to be brought to light?The largest single cause of homelessness in Australia is domestic and family violence. We need to address the root cause of the issue. Children should be able to grow up safely and women should be able to live in a safe, secure environment and have the opportunity for learning and development.

What does your involvement with The Lady Musgrave Trust include?Keystone Private provides a finance and accounting role to the Trust, access to our meeting rooms, assistance and advice with operational requirements, and promotion of our association with the organisation to our networks and clients.

How has your partnership with The Lady Musgrave Trust impacted Keystone Private?Our direct involvement has made our team aware of the issues surrounding domestic violence and homelessness for women and children within our local community. We are all now more cognisant and able to promote the great work the Trust is doing to our network, family, friends and clients. Some of the Keystone Private team had a fantastic time at the high tea in May this year, and we’re very proud to be assisting and contributing to the Lady Musgrave Trust.

What are some of your other charity involvements?In addition to the Trust, Keystone Private are actively supporting MS Qld, Bravehearts, Youngcare and have worked with the Endeavour Foundation. One of our team members also has a charitable foundation established called The Scarlett May Foundation which is actively involved in helping the parents of critically and terminally ill children. We also assist our clients with their philanthropic activity.”

Keystone Private was also pleased to be a major supporter and corporate sponsor of the Lady Musgrave Trust’s recent Eighth Annual Forum on Services for Homeless Women, together with venue hosts, Ernst & Young, who very generously donated their office facilities for this important event.