We offer unbiased, individually tailored investment advice

Independence lies at the heart of all we do. Our advice provides a co-ordinated approach across cash, fixed income, equities and alternatives, whether you invest directly or through a managed environment. This advice is supported by our integrated reporting, portfolio administration and record keeping capabilities.

We recognise that many clients have long-standing advisor relationships and we encourage clients to maintain and incorporate them into our services framework.

Our expertise and extensive network allow for greater insight and collective bargaining power while offering access to a broader platform of independently assessed investment opportunities.

Through every step, we help you to maintain control, privacy and confidentiality.


  • Unbiased, independent advice
  • Wealth Management Framework
  • Asset allocation
  • Direct and Managed Investments
  • Manager selection
  • Investment committees
  • Access to diverse investment opportunities
  • Administration and reporting

Are investment biases holding you back?

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